DWMA Sports Level One | Dynamic Warm Up Routine & Movement Screen Course

DWMA is an on-demand course that teaches coaches, educators, and the military how to transform a dynamic warm up routine into a movement screen for an entire team at once, without sacrificing training time.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to warm up correctly before exercise. 
  • Know the difference between dynamic and static stretching.
  • Master the fastest and most logical way to execute a movement screen with an entire group or team at once.
  • How to perform and instruct the 10 DWMA Screen exercises.
  • Be able to score the DWMA Screen accurately.
  • How to establish a movement screen with a high rate of frequency to monitor progress.
  • How pain and limited joint mobility distort sensory input and impacts efficiency in speed and agility training.
  • How joint mobility gets influenced by both joint structure and flexibility.
  • Know the importance of addressing movement problems before starting athletes into a training program.
  • Recognize the difference between movement dysfunction and movement deficiency.
  • Identify inefficient movement patterning and how it can hinder performance and potentially result in muscle injury.


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Who this course is for:

  • strength coaches, sports coaches, athletic trainers, educators, military operators.


  • A smartphone with a video camera.
  • A tripod with a smartphone mount (optional).
  • The course takes approximately 10-hours to complete.

The Movement Screen Simplified

You do NOT need a degree in exercise science to utilize the DWMA dynamic warmup up. DWMA’s ease of use is a consistent endorsement. Therefore, DWMA is not your typical movement screen. It does more than teach you a few dynamic warm up routine tips. While DWMA’s simplicity makes it apt to the masses, individuals with specific knowledge can use it as well.

Stronger Military Operators

DWMA Level One Couse is designed for TSAC-F certified strength coach and military operator. Each is tasked with meeting the demands of new PT tests, including the ACFT, to stay healthy in the field. Unite each with the DWMA dynamic warm up routine. The movement screen will help operators ace the new PT test and become the strongest and most durable they can be.

Movement Screens Made Possible

National polling reveals time is a coach’s most precious resource. Therefore, it is the biggest obstacle they face preparing a movement screen session:

  • 83% of coaches say time is the greatest challenge performing a screen.
  • 64% of coaches who don’t perform a screen, attribute time as the barrier.
  • 63% screen their athletes once every 3-months.
  • 25% screen their athletes once a year.
  • 13% screen their athletes once every 4-6 weeks.

Screen With Greater Frequency

The DWMA dynamic warm up routine allows you to enact a movement screen with a high rate of frequency, so you can:

  • perform with an entire team at once.
  • monitor progress.
  • make timely training adjustments.
  • avoid sacrificing training-time.

Did You Know That A Dynamic Warm Up Routine Is A Scientifically Proven Way To:

  • Activates the muscles used during training and performance.
  • Improves range of motion, balance, and coordination.
  • Builds muscle and enhances strength and power.
  • Improves functional performance.

Bonus Access

As a bonus, you also get access to DWMA Private Facebook Group. Therefore, you get free advice and interact with other coaches, educators, and military operators.

Featured Testimonial

Gary Schofield
Gary SchofieldEmeritus Founder, NHSSCA | 2012 NSCA High School Strength Coach of the Year​
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"Before, our athletes viewed their dynamic warm up routine as the 'crappy stuff' we have to do before we get to the 'fun stuff.' Now, the athletes understand the DWMA as their 'performance prep' and appreciate its involvement. As a coach, the DWMA serves as an iteration or daily snap-shot for approximating an athlete's functional movement needs."​


This Course Includes:

  • instructional on-demand videos
  • assistive resource downloads 
  • practical quizzes
  • full lifetime access
  • access on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Certificate of Competion
  • NSCA C.E.U. Approved

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