DWMA Sports Pro Bundle

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At DWMA Sports, we are sensitive to the needs of our community, so we are offering $300 discount on our DWMA Sports Pro Bundle during this unprecedented time. The bundle is an entirely digital, home study program that gives you access to our complete program that includes:

DWMA Level ONE Course you learn how to perform and instruct the 10 DWMA Screen exercises while classifying dysfunctions in each of their referenced kinetic-chain, joint segments.

DWMA Level TWO Course you learn to assess the DWMA Screen, build your plan of attack, and administer a corrective exercise strategy to improve movement behavior drastically.

All courses include a comprehensive video instruction library and an e-learning platform to guide the way.

DWMA Sports Pro Bundle is ideal for PE Teachers, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Military Personal Trainer and anyone who works with athletes, and fitness enthusiasts conditioning.


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