DWMA Coaching – 1 Hour

$150.00 $99.00

DWMA Coaching

From screening and assessing to apply correctives to improve movement behavior, and everything between, DWMA Coaching lets you examine DWMA directly with its founder, Mike Bewley, with 25+ years of strength and conditioning experience. The event will speed and heighten the enactment of DWMA into your program, as well as athlete compliance.


What can I expect?

I will help you with ideas and resources to build DWMA into your existing strength & conditioning program or personal training regimen. Additionally, suggestions may include links to posts and videos on our sites and recommendations of supplies and equipment. You also get an audio of our conversation to download.

What shouldn’t I expect?

DWMA Coaching is NOT about site support or helping fix technical issues at Furthermore, I’m not here to assist you in building a strength & conditioning program or designing a personal training regimen. Lastly, DWMA Coaching is a one-on-one session. Guests are NOT permitted in the DWMA Coaching session.

When can I book the hour and what’s available?

Visit to schedule your one-on-one session.


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