DWMA Sports Level Two Course

$200.00 $150.00

DWMA Movement Assessment teaches coaches how to prioritize corrective exercise programming to enhance an athlete’s movement without impacting training time.

Who this course is for:

  • strength coaches, sports coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, educators, military operators, and first-responders.


  • complete the DWMA Sports Level One Course.
  • a smartphone with a video camera.
  • a tripod with a smartphone mount (optional).
  • the course will take approximately 10-hours to complete.

Corrective Exercise Simplified

You do NOT need a degree in biomechanics to utilize the DWMA corrective exercises. Its ease of use is a regular endorsement. In fact, DWMA does more than teach you a few useful corrective exercises. While DWMA’s simplicity makes it simple to the masses, professionals with heightened knowledge can use it too.

Stronger Military Operators

DWMA Level One Couse is designed for TSAC-F certified strength coach and military operator. Each is tasked with meeting the demands of new PT tests, including the ACFT, to stay healthy in the field. Unite each with the DWMA movement assessment skills. Doing so will help operators ace the new PT test and become the more durable they can be.

Movement Assessment With Greater Frequency

DWMA allows you to assess movement with a high rate of frequency, so you can:

  • apply an adaptable corrective exercise strategy.
  • monitor improvement.
  • make suitable training adjustments.
  • avoid reducing exercise time.

Did you know that DWMA corrective exercise combines the scientific principles of human physiology and biomechanics? Therefore, it allows you to:

  • address joint inflexibility and muscle instability.
  • refine poor body mechanics.
  • remedy the cumulative results of training-stresses placed on the body.
  • restore and maintain posture and balance.
  • improve and sustain mobility and stability.
  • recover from an injury and return to play quicker.
  • support the body to move freely and without pain.

Bonus Access

As a bonus, you also get access to the DWMA Private Facebook Group. As a result, you get free advice and interact with other coaches, trainers, and operators.


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