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The DWMA Screen Exercises

Each DWMA exercise includes exact audio-visual and narrative instructions of what movement dysfunctions to look for based on observed limitations in the athlete’s kinetic-chain.

Learning The Musical Dynamics

What are Dynamics? Dynamics are used to create contrasts in sound volume such as loud (forte) and soft (piano). How are dynamics achieved? Different dynamics can be achieved based on the speed and strength of attack on the keyboard. What are the most common dynamics? There are many different dynamics, although the most common are: …

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The Keyboard Notes (Sample)

Articulate Storyline Example The piano keyboard is made-up 88 of black and white keys. Each keys play a different sound ranging from Do (C) to Si (B), repeating on multiple octaves. Important Vocabulary What is an Octave?   An octave is a large musical interval that separates two of the same notes. What are the Notes?   …

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Deliverability Of Your Emails

IMPORTANT Fusce non diam non ex sollicitudin aliquet a a arcu. In efficitur mi ipsum, eu vehicula turpis pharetra sed. Cras et risus et erat accumsan blandit sed at erat. Maecenas dapibus enim sem, in malesuada lacus placerat et. Praesent eget ligula eu felis gravida tristique ac sit amet eros. Orci varius natoque penatibus et …

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Investment & Marketing Final Strategies

Initial Steps: Maecenas viverra placerat dui in ullamcorper. Vestibulum tincidunt magna eu tellus rutrum gravida. Suspendisse malesuada pretium odio et venenatis. Aliquam egestas posuere metus. Proin tincidunt dictum magna, vitae viverra ante. Vestibulum hendrerit, nisi id posuere vulputate, dolor ex ultricies augue, sed placerat purus mi nec odio. Pellentesque non nulla rutrum quam pharetra fermentum. …

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