DWMA Is Your Dynamic Warmup For Enhanced Sports Specialization

DWMA is a dynamic warmup movement screen that ensures the extra strength and explosiveness developed through sports specialization training keeps your mobility coupled with strength and power while making sports movement optimal and adaptable to training stress.


Easy and scaleable dynamic warmup training applicable to sports specilaization for the strength coach that's attainable by the athlete

DWMA is a dynamic warmup that allows strength coaches to implement a movement screen with an entire team or group at once. Gone are the days of screening an athlete one-on-one. DWMA’s scalability with sports specialization training makes it simple for athletes to perform and coaches to execute while making massive changes in movement behavior.

Many movement screens and corrective exercise routines want the strength coach to stop doing their athlete’s lifting and “getting stronger” work to do their “prehab” system instead. As a strength coach, you know that strength conquers a heck of a lot, and you can NOT cut that out of your program, or you don’t have a program.

Developed for athletes and coaches, DWMA ensures the extra strength and explosiveness developed through sports specialization training keeps the athlete’s mobility coupled with strength and power. The result is a more resilient athlete because their movement becomes more mechanically efficient and adaptable to training stress.


DWMA Level One Course

Learn how to perform and instruct the 10 DWMA Screen exercises while classifying dysfunctions in each of their referenced kinetic-chain, joint segments.

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DWMA Level Two Course

Learn to assess the DWMA Screen, build your plan of attack, and administer a corrective exercise strategy to improve movement behavior drastically.

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What Strength Coaches
Have to Say

"Before, our athletes viewed their dynamic warmup as the 'crappy stuff' we have to do before we get to the 'fun stuff.' Now, the athletes understand the DWMA as their 'performance prep' and appreciate its involvement. As a coach, the DWMA serves as an iteration or daily snap-shot for approximating an athlete's functioning needs."
Gary Schofield
Emeritus Founder, NHSSCA
2012 NSCA High School Strength Coach of the Year
"I serve as the strength coach and athletic trainer, and the DWMA has been awesome for us. With DWMA, we can record and see how our athletes are improving daily. DWMA corrective exercises directly target what the athlete needs. DWMA has been amazing with how quickly and easily it clears up our athlete's movement issues."
Jon Girton
Head Strength Coach
Lee High School
2014-18 NSCA Strength of America Award
"I have large classes and teams limit time and resources to incorporate a traditional movement screen effectively. Mike's DWMA program changed my mind. Not only is DWMA a warm-up, but also a coaching manual in how to use corrective exercises to address areas of concern for athletes. Functionality and application are critical to all of my workouts, and the DWMA work perfectly for our program."
Ryan Johnson
Head Strength Coach
Wayzata High School
2017 NSCA High School Strength Coach of the Year
"We were doing FMS once a year, and it was hit or miss. The time to screen and re-screen was too involved. DWMA has been a game changer because I never considered making a dynamic warmup a movement screen. DWMA lets us know how the kids [athletes] are moving and how to pinpoint what they need to move better."
Mark Hoover
Head Strength Coach
York High School

"DWMA allows us to evaluate how well athletes are moving every day, which is always changing due to daily training loads and competition. Essentially, the DWMA lets us auto-regulate training based on how well the athlete is moving and performing. The best part is DWMA empowers the athlete to recognize how their limitation impacts their performance, which helps create immediate buy-in."

Patrick McHenry
Head Strength Coach
Castle View High School
NSCA Board of Directors Member
2012 Colorado High School
Physical Education Teacher of the Year

"DWMA lets us asses our athlete every single day before training. Initially, we used FMS which was great individually, but once we tried to implement it onto a bigger scale with a team or group, it proved impossible because we were spending an entire day screening at the expense of training. Plus, pre and post screen time gaps limited the athlete and us with knowing what and if effective changes were occurring. DWMA changed all that for us and our athletes."

Justin Soukup
Athletic Performance Coach
Olmstead Medical Center

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